hashiba natsuki
Kanji 小早川 杏奈
Romaji Kobayakawa Anna
Appellation Her boyfriend is the guy who likes her
Gender Female
Voice Actor
Japanese Minami Tsuda

Anna Kobayaka the target of Natsuki's affection, and Mari Tsutsui's best friend. She does a lot of various part-time jobs which is how she met Natsuki.

Appearance Edit

Anna has pale strawberry blonde hair that she keeps relatively short, barely brushing against her shoulders. She has large apple green eyes.

She is quite pale and slender.

She is normally seen in her school uniform but sometimes appears in her casual clothes.


She is usually quiet and does things at her own pace. She is also shown to be quiet dense as she didn't realise that she was being hit on.


She falls in love with Natsuki after the Christmas incident but decides to stay shut about it for the time being.