Keiichi Katakura
Kanji 片倉 恵一
Romaji Katakura Keiichi
Appellation Kei-chan
Gender Male
Relatives Yuuji Katakura (brother)
Voice Actor
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki

Keiichi Katakura (片倉 恵一, Katakura Keiichi) is Natsuki, Tomoya and Naoe's friend. He is currently interested in Tomoya Matsunaga's younger sister, Nozomi Matsunaga. He is one of the deuteragonists in the series.


Keiichi has slightly messy brown hair and hazel eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, consisting of a white collared dress shirt with a red necktie worn under a cream buttoned cardigan, a blue long-sleeved vest, greyish-blue trousers, and brown school shoes.


He is a laidback character and is often smiling. However, he is shown to have a sadistic side, and loves to whip his girlfriends. He even tried to test it out on Natsuki. He also enjoys beating Natchan and his other friends.


Keiichi is the second son of the Katakura family. He lives with his older brother, Yuuji Katakura.



  • His name is "Keiichi" meaning "The Blessed one"
  • He prefers older women.
  • He is a Sadist
  • He was born in May