Mari Tsutsui
Kanji 筒井 まり
Romaji Tsutsui Mari
Appellation Mari-chan, Marippe
Gender Female
Relatives Masaomi Tsutsui (brother)
Voice Actor
Japanese Yumi Uchiyama

Mari Tsutsui (筒井 まり, Tsutsui Mari) is Anna Kobayakawa's classmate and a friend, also she claims to be in love with Anna because of feeling of dependence on Anna. She is also Tomoya Matsunaga's love interest and girlfriend.


Mari is a rather agressive girl who is a "man hater". She is rude and harsh to the main male characters, especially Tomoya Matsunaga and Natsuki Hashiba. (She refers to Hashiba as 'Little Monkey'.) But when around Anna she is sweet and kind, only to her that is. Mari can get very possessive about Anna to the extent of wanting to make her alone in order to have her herself.


As a child Mari was very close to her older brother Masaomi , this was because they're parents were often busy with work . But her brother then got married , Mari was left alone that is why she mainly hates men.


  • Tomoya teases her where she call her as "spit woman" after the incident where Mari spit on him.