Nozomi Matsunaga
Kanji 松永 希美
Romaji Matsunaga Nozomi
Appellation Nozomi-chan, Nonnon
Gender Female
Relatives Tomoya Matsunaga (brother)
Voice Actor
Japanese Ai Kayano

Nozomi Matsunaga (松永 希美, Matsunaga Nozomi) is Tomoya Matsunaga's younger sister and she is also Keiichi Katakura's love interest.


Just like her brother, Nozomi has red hair and teal colored eyes. For school, she wears a white dress shirt with a red ribbon under a dark blue cardigan, a patterned miniskirt, black knee high socks, and brown school shoes. When she transfers in the school her older brother and Keiichi were studying in, she cuts her hair short to her ears.


Nozomi is a very loving girl, though it is said shes a bit clumsy, and she has a pure heart. She was always babyed so she is not used to doing things on her own. It is revealed that she did not have that much confidence in her ability to do anything special (like other people), but Keiichi somehow gives her motivation. Nozomi is also strong-willed/stubborn, as shown when she tells Keiichi that she will do anything to be with him after he indirectly rejects her, even changing her choice of high schools for this reason. She excels in studies as well..


It is shown as a child Nozomi used to rely on her brother for support. Due to Keiichi's sadistic nature Tomoya tells Keiichi to stay away from his little sister and so he does by indirectly rejecting Nozomi when she confessed. But instead of giving up she decided to try harder. Her stubbornness even forced Keiichi to think twice.



Her name means "hope"