Tomoya Matsunaga
Kanji 松永 智也
Romaji Matsunaga Tomoya
Appellation Mattsun
Gender Male
Relatives Nozomi Matsunaga (sister)
Voice Actor
Japanese Takuya Eguchi

Tomoya Matsunaga (松永 智也, Matsunaga Tomoya) is Natsuki, Keiichi and Naoe's friend. He is in love with Mari Tsutsui. He is also one of the deuteragonists in the series.


Tomoya has sleek pink hair that reaches his nape and teal-blue slightly droopy eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, consisting of a white collared dress shirt with a red necktie worn under a grey cardigan, a blue long-sleeved vest, greyish-blue trousers, and brown school shoes.


Tomoya is a playboy and has even dated 5 girls simultaneously. However, he decided to focus on only one girl, Mari, after he met her. He is cocky and has a lot of confidence in himself, especially with girls. Towards his friends, he can be quite funny and usually enjoys meddling with Natsuki's relationship with Anna whenever he is too shy to make a move. As a brother, he is very protective of his sister, Nozomi.


Tomoya dated 5 girls simultaneously but on Christmas, as he planned to divide his time with each of them, they revealed to him that they were friends with each other and broke up with him.



  • His name "Tomoya" meaning "Wise man"
  • He can't stand spicy food.
  • He is a very good cook when it comes to chocolates.
  • He is voiced by Takuya Eguchi who also voices as Hachiman Hikagaya from Oregairu.