Tsuyoshi Naoe
Kanji 直江 剛
Romaji Naoe Tsuyoshi
Appellation Tsuyopon, Tsuyoponi
Gender Male
Relatives Yukiko Asai (girlfriend)
Voice Actor
Japanese Kōki Uchiyama

Tsuyoshi Naoe (直江 剛, Naoe Tsuyoshi) is Natsuki, Tomoyo and Keiichi's friend. He is Yukiko Asai's boyfriend. He is also one of the deuteragonists in the series.


Tsuyoshi has dark blue hair and blue eyes. His fringe is parted on his left, covering his left eye. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, consisting of a white collared dress shirt with a red necktie worn under a grey cardigan, a blue long-sleeved vest, greyish-blue trousers, and brown school shoes.


He is usually very calm and collected. As an otaku, he is very passionate about anime and such. Although he cannot read the atmosphere most times, he is quite aware of people's feelings. Most of the time, he acts nonchalant. When he gets angry, he can be quite scary and can rival Keiichi's sadistic side.


Tsuyoshi is the only child of the Naoe family. At some point of his life, he became an otaku.